Month: June 2022

  • Minamata Convention on Mercury Amalgam

    Effective today, new Minamata Convention amendment will protect children from amalgam use Dear Friends, The Children’s Amendment to the amalgam reduction requirement of the Minamata Convention entersinto force today, 24 […]

  • Memorandum of Understanding on Compounded Medications

    Opinion: The FDA is in a Hole With MOU on Compounding Medications—It Should Stop Digging June 21, 2022Scott Brunner, CAE Congress expected the FDA to draft a memorandum of understanding […]

  • AANP’s Campaign to Protect Access to Compounded Glutathione Successful! What’s happening?The Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee (PCAC) – the committee that advises FDA on matters related to drug compounding – met […]

  • IMC Voted to Sign TCIH Declaration

    This link leads to an international declaration about integrative and alternative medicine: At the June 14th meeting, the board voted to become a signatory to this declaration.