About the IMC

IMC is dedicated to promoting the growth and sustainability of Integrative Medicine while encouraging cooperation and collaboration among our member organizations. The IMC was instrumental in forming the first Integrative Medicine malpractice insurance program in the country along with creating an Expert Witness panel for Integrative Physicians. The IMC is currently working in areas of public policy including the protection of patients access to intravenous nutrient therapy and compounded medications. These advocacy efforts are directed toward the revisions in the FDA’s compounding regulations.   The continuing development of the the Expert Witness program is also a priority.

The Integrative Medicine Consortium (IMC) began as a conversation between Kenneth Bock, MD of ACAM and Gerald Natzke, DO of AAEM in 2006 about the possibility of bringing integrative physician organizations together to work on common issues and to create synergy. In 2007, meetings were held in Chicago and Phoenix at which time the IMC was officially formed. Since then, the IMC has grown to include seven national physician organizations in the field of integrative and natural medicine.

Since its inception, the The IMC is grateful for the support of “the Legal Quartet,” a group of highly skilled attorneys who provided legal support to the IMC during its formation. The “Legal Quartet” was comprised of Jacues Simon, Alan Dumoff, Rick Jaffe and Algis Augustine.

We also thank Alan Dumoff, JD for his continuing advice and support.


IMC Leadership and Staff:

Chair: Michael Cronin, ND

C0-Chair: Carol Petersen DPharm 


IMC Chair: Michael Cronin, ND, DAAPM (“Dr. Mike”) is a Naturopathic Physician who is in practice with his wife, Dr Kyle Cronin at Naturopathic Physicians Group in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He has been an activist in Integrative and Naturopathic medicine for 30+ years as a founder and current board member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. He is the founder an initial president of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.  Dr Mike’s practice emphasizes the treatment of chronic pain using the full scope of Naturopathic medicine including prolotherapy, platelet therapy, acupuncture, intravenous nutrient therapy in addition to diet, nutrition and botanical medicine.  Dr Mike is a diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Medicine and utilizes musculoskeletal ultrasound and ultrasound guided injection in his practice.


IMC Co-Chair: Carolynn Petersen, DPharm is a doctor of Pharmacy.

More to follow.


IMC Executive Director: Baron Glassgow